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Yerba Buena Gardens has finally come into its own. After decades of disrepair the redevelopment promised since the 1950s is finally coming to fruition. Surrounded by a newly completed SF Museum of Modern Art, the city's convention center, a multi-faceted entertainment complex, luxury hotels, and much more, Yerba Buena Gardens sits at the center of a vibrant and recently redeveloped part of San Francisco. 

In the center of this development is a large urban park with a number of excellent spots for the urban meditator. Among the best is the bench along the wall behind the MLK waterfall. Not many parks can you sit with the sound of water falling filling your consciousness. Another great spot is above the waterfall, overlooking the pond and park below. 

It is San Francisco so be sure to dress warmly, especially in the summer!

750 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Call 415.820.3550

Open Monday thru Sunday
6:00 AM–10:00 PM
Free Public Admission

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial & Waterfall (Front)
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial & Waterfall (inside)
Yerba Buena Gardens lawn
MLK Memorial
MLK waterfall upper pond
Yerba Buena Gardens side park

Yerba Buena Gardens

South of Market San Francisco Park offers ideal urban meditation spots

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Yerba Buena Gardens Map
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