Releasing Tension in the Wrists & Forearms

Guided Meditation to Release Myofascial Pain and Stiffness in the Wrists & Forearms

Are your wrists or forearms aching or sore? If so, this moving meditation will help them recover their comfort and ease. You can also use it warm them up before a day at the computer or a session at the gym. We tend to take our wrists for granted but they are delicate parts of our bodies and are so much more than just the junction between our arms and our hands. The wrist is the place where we express our skill, where our ideas are carefully shaped into form.


Chances are they are sore or tired from over use, in which case we need to accept a time of limited expression or seek other ways to give voice to our ideas and plans and opinions. If they are aching, they are probably trying to teach us patience and show us the boundary of our abilities which otherwise might not be visible to us. Our body is asking us to slow down and we aren’t listening. So it is turning up the volume. We can choose to ignore the message but if you push much further, the body will get louder and an injury will be the next step.

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