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Feeling gratitude is like a drug. Except it is free and the only side effect is that you feel awesome. So the best advice is to get drunk on it as much as possible. But just saying “I’m grateful” or “Aren’t I lucky” doesn’t really do it. Your mind and your emotional state can be like a little puppy. They have to be coaxed into this feeling of gratitude. There has to be a regular practice to create the mental habit of gratitude. So let’s practice together now.

Acceptance is an extraordinary technique that anyone can employ to brighten their day. Indeed, the great masters make the extraordinary claim that perfecting these practices of letting go and acceptance will free us from all suffering. Even if that is beyond what most of us are hoping or looking for, anyone can cultivate this habit of acceptance in order to feel a little better right now and a lot better with practice.

Forgiveness is a sacred art with profound healing potential. It has so much power that some Buddhist teachers recommend practicing forgiveness to ourselves and others twice a day for months on end.

Our experiences are based on our beliefs, and these beliefs shape the structure of our brain and extend out to shape the physical reality that we experience each and every moment. So if you are ready to change your outside world, you have to first begin with your own mind. We are designed to live a perfect life. That possibility is available to each of us. If this isn’t what we are experiencing, think of it like the code having been corrupted in our software, a set of connections in our minds has been scrambled. And we have the power to repair the software and unscramble the connections. The Split Screen technique is a powerful guided training meditation to do just that. 

You have the power to master your emotions. But how? Like anything else you want to master, you have to practice. The steps in this training exercise will help you bring your emotional self under your control.

If you find yourself reacting to situations or people in a way that is disproportionate to what an objective third party observer would say is appropriate, you can use this technique to permanently prevent yourself from behaving that way again. 

Because the brain cannot handle two different instructions at the same time, it gives us the opportunity game the system, as it were, using cognitive dissonance to diffuse the emotional response. 

This is the fastest way, but the most difficult to begin with .

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Regulate Your Emotions

Guided Meditations To Change Your Brain

We think we are our bodies and our brains. But this isn’t true. And by making this mistake, we are setting ourselves up for a life of suffering.


It is like in a corporation or a government. Everyone in the company or bureaucracy needs to know their role on the team and do their job and not all try to be the boss or do someone else’s job. The situation we find ourselves in most of the time is what we would find if we put children in the White House and let them run the United States government. And these children either don’t believe anyone senior to them exists or believe that, even if there is a higher authority, that that expert won’t look after them so they better just make the best of it on their own.


But there is a higher authority. There is another way. It begins with regime change. Time to throw out the rulers of our life and put the our higher self in charge. The following guided meditations will help you effect this regime change in your self. Or listen to the Serena Podcast for the theory on why this all works. 

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