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In these videos, George Falcon teaches at the home of Brent Bolthouse in Los Angeles with a small group friends. By making these videos available, the hope is to bring his spirituality teaching to more people in the world and to help people in their day to day life. 

The complete videos are available for viewing on Vimeo directly at this link:


Sunday Lecture #1: Levels of Consciousness

In this talk, filmed at the home of Brent Bolthouse, George Falcon focuses on the first five levels of consciousness (Unconscious/Physical, Subconscious/Emotional, Self-Consciousness, Transpersonal, and Cosmic consciousness). You will hear him remind us that this idea of levels is just a model and that the secret to enlightment is to realize that we’re already free. Finally listen closely for when he gives the formula for how to remember that we are already enlightened.

Sunday Lecture #2: Reality is Illusory

In this talk, filmed at the home of Brent Bolthouse, George Falcon explains to us that reality is illusory, how we wake up from that illusion, and what it is like once we do wake up. 

Sunday Lecture #3: Three Methods of Reaching Enlightenment

In this talk, George Falcon describes three methods for remembering our true selves and becoming enlightened (the Good, the Superior, and the Supreme methods). As the names suggest, George believes the Superior and Supreme are more effective, but they require more discipline. George doesn’t care whether it is meditation, contemplation, prayer, Tai Qi, Qi Gong, yoga or whatever the method is, as long as you are dedicating yourself to the practice and sustain the intention to wake up.

Sunday Lecture #4: Types of Logic

The main topic in this episode is what George Falcon calls the types of logic that are available to us in comprehending reality. George calls these types: 1) either/or; 2) relativity; 3) not two; and 4) neither/nor. He also talks about the relationship between our experiences and beliefs and makes use of his ‘Stages of Mastery’ model to remind us where we are on the path and what we need to do to advance. Zeb Rice introduces the talk and provides background on George’s Seven Stages of Mastery.

Sunday Lecture #5: You Are Free (And How To Remember That)

In this episode, George Falcon reminds us who we really are and explains some of the techniques we can employ in order to wake up to our own freedom and limitlessness. He goes on to discuss the idea that everything we perceive is an illusion, an identifiable pattern of energy. Even emotions fall into that category. It turns out that we can control energy, so we get to decide how we feel from moment to moment.

Sunday Lecture #6: You Are Not the Content of Your Awareness

In this episode, George Falcon reminds us that who we really are has nothing to do with phenomena. We are not an object or anything with form, characteristics, attributes, or limits. We are not subject to time, space, motion, or electromagnetism. And we have no beginning or ending or duration. He then goes on to explain who we really are and how to remember that using his metaphor of The Three Bags and the model of Consciousness vs. Awareness. The trick, he explains, is that consciousness is fashioned, by us, to create our experience. We have the power to fashion reality as we wish so why not make it great? We just have to anchor our identity in Awareness and accept the power that is ours by definition. 

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The Sunday lecture series. (36 Videos)

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