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Split Screen

Guided Meditations to Retrain Your Brain for Happiness

If you have ever had a big emotional response in a situation that doesn’t require such a strong reaction (or are feeling sad for no apparent reason), then this exercise is for you. The principle here is that you are the master of your emotions: If you don’t want a particular emotion in any given situation, you can drop it. But you have to realize you have the power to do this and then develop mastery of the “dropping it”. How do you do this? Like anything else you want to master, you have to practice. With this guided training meditation practice you can reprogram that connection, you can refile the memory/emotion connection. The top one is the full length version.

The second one is a shorter version of the Split Screen guided training meditation. Once you have listened to the full length version once or twice, you can use this one for everyday practice. It is best to do these Training Meditations while the experience you are rewiring is recent and the feelings and memory is very fresh so find a quiet, private place as soon afterwards as you can or grab your headphones and a pair of sunglasses and maybe a hat and find a comfortable place to sit so you can run through the training.

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