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"Putting our Body to Bed" 

Guided Sleep-time Meditation

We can’t tell our body to fall asleep the same direct way we can tell our arm to move or our voice to make words. Unfortunately, that isn’t how that system works. So we have to play by the rules of the going to sleep game. Tonight, the way we are going to play that game is by pretending our body is a small child. She doesn’t want to go to sleep tonight so we have to help her. We have to remind her that we are the one in charge and make sure she trusts us and knows that it is safe to let the body go to sleep. Sleep tight and sweet dreams!
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"Bedtime Bath" Guided Sleep-time Meditation

It is bedtime and once again you can’t sleep. You’ve tried everything you can think of and you’re ready to give up but you don’t even know what that means. It is time take another tack, to earn the trust of your lower self, to help her discover your inner fortress where the best sleep of your life is possible. Using this meditation to find that inner fortress will help unlock the cycle of insomnia that you are stuck in. It may not work tonight, and that is okay. It will come. Sleep, nature’s sweet nurse, awaits. Listen to this meditation to help you enter her care.

"Your Inner Fortress" Guided Sleep-time Meditation

This meditation involves imagining a bed time bath. Sleep is brought on by changes in your body and this sort of guided meditation helps bring about those changes. Normally, our body follows the rules and keeps with the rhythm of the day and puts us to sleep according to the regular schedule. When it doesn't, that means our thinking or emotional self is giving our body the wrong instructions. It is keeping your body in a state of alertness to protect itself. Listen to this meditation to help shift that state, to put you back in charge of your bedtime self.

Take the Sleep Test

The ancient Chinese philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu is famous for saying:  “To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.” His wisdom is surprisingly relevant to the battle against insomnia. The key to winning the battle for sleep, to breaking our wakefulness’s resistance, is not to fight for sleep in the first place. You may be lying in bed wanting to fall asleep but maybe you shouldn’t even be bothering to try. Take these two "supremely excellent" tests to see if the moment is right to break your enemy, insomnia's, resistance. Whether you are someone who meditates or not, these two simple tests will help with your insomnia.

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