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Introduction to Guided Sleep Meditations

Learn How to Train Your Brain to Sleep

This short talk introduces the Serena Sleep Meditation Series. If you hare suffering from insomnia, your subconscious or lower self doesn’t want to let you fall asleep. There is some worry or fear so deep that your lower self believes that sleep might even lead to your death. It is irrational but the part of our selves that is in charge of putting our bodies to sleep has a different logic. It’s logic is survival. It doesn’t trust your logical self or your higher self that everything is going to be ok. So it is time take another tack. These meditations will help unlock this cycle. It may not work tonight, and that is okay. The extraordinary thing about meditation is that there is an enormous psychological and physical benefit to listening to guided meditations, even if you don't sleep right away tonight. But keep practicing, earn the trust of your lower self, and sleep, nature’s gentle nurse, will soon come.
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