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van gogh sleepy meditation painting

Sleep is a funny thing. It is only when we let go of needing to fall asleep and thinking about sleep that we can fall asleep. Yet when we most want and need to sleep is when we can't stop thinking about it. These meditations will help you get around this paradox and guide you to falling asleep naturally and peacefully.

Guided Sleep Meditations

Train Your Brain to Fall Asleep

This short talk introduces the Serena Sleep Meditation Series. 

We can’t tell our body to fall asleep the same direct way we can tell our arm to move or our voice to make words. This meditation will show you how to speak in a way your body understands so that sleep, nature's gentle nurse, can wrap you in her protective and rejuvenating arms. 

Listen to this bedtime meditation to help your body slip off to sleep after an imaginary bedtime bath.

You have a place within you that you can go to be safe and protected and loved. Learn how to find this place and use it to fall asleep. 

Tried everything and still can't fall asleep? Take this test to see if it is time to throw in the towel and get up out of bed. Or not. 

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