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Levels of Consciousness Intro

By Image: Public Domain

I provide in this post a quick bit of background on the levels of consciousness in case you are new to this idea.

The late Los Angeles-based spiritual teacher George Falcon uses an eight level model to help us understand who we really are as opposed to who we think we are. (A Tibetan Buddhist cloth representation of the various chakras or levels is on the right.)

The first level could be said to represent the physical plane. We all get this one since it is the level of bodies and things and our personalities. In the human form it is represented as being located at the base of the spine.

The next level is the subconscious or emotional level and George often refers to this level as the low self or Annabelle since this was the name he had for a dog long ago and our emotional selves aren’t too different from the consciousness of a clever dog. In human terms, it is typically identified as being located behind the naval.

Cosmic Man; Central Tibet, circa 19th century, LACMA collection

The third level of consciousness is sometimes called the mental plane. Though the location is behind the solar plexus, George will often use the name Virgil, who was the Guide in Dante’s Divine Comedy, to anthropomorphize this level. These first three (or some subset of them) would constitute what most people would call “me” or their self.

The fourth level he calls transpersonal consciousness and it is located behind the sternum. George usually anthropomorphizes this level too, using the name Beatrice (pictured to the left and below) since Dante uses her in his story as the character that Virgil hands us off to once we get to the gates of heaven. Only she can take us through to the other side.

The fifth level of consciousness is Cosmic or Holy Spirit consciousness and is located behind the throat. The sixth is Christ or Divine consciousness and is at the center of our forhead. The seventh is Transcendental or God consciousness and is at the crown of our head. The eighth level is beyond words and is located in the human framework of the chakras a few inches above the crown of the head.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Beata Beatrix, 1864-1870

Who we really are we’ll leave for future posts since the real answer is actually none of these levels, or the absolute absence of the apparency that we call “levels”. For now, the you can think of who you really are as the synthesis of all these levels together rather than the

more common, albeit unspoken, understanding of just the first one or two or three.

You can also read more about the levels in the "As Above, So Below" post.

Dante and Beatrice, by Henry Holiday

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