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Going to the Light

One we can use to move up to higher levels of consciousness is for us to "get in to the light." If we did that often enough and were there long enough, we experience a change in identity.

But what exactly does he mean by "going to the light?" You might want to link to one of the guided meditations that are part of the podcast series to try out what he is talking about for yourself. Also, I should note that not everyone is a visual person so "going to the light" could be done through other senses. For example, you might feel a pressure at the center of your forehead or hear tones behind your ears.

But if you are a visual person, then by telling us to "go to the light," at the most basic level, what he is asking us to do is simply visualize light in our mind's eye. You can start with something simple like the image of a lamp. Or something with more personal resonance for you such as the light of the sun on a bright summer day or the Light of Earendil from the Lord of the Rings (see photo of Samwise Gamgee holding it).

I think the idea is that he was building on the neuroplastic nature of the brain to teach us how to advance in our path towards mastery and beyond. My thought is that going to the light is a way to simulate the brain pattern of an "en-lightened" person. Firing our neurons in that sequence often enough and for long enough would change the dominant pattern of neural activity in our brains so that the habit would eventually be for the brain to harmonize into the typical brain activity of someone living out of higher levels of consciousness.

And once that happens, what does "a change in identity" mean? I think of it as possibly being like training for years to become an expert in something like medicine. You look at a seasoned doctor on the street and they look like everyone else. But their eyes are seeing different things than ours, they will react differently in emergencies, they will have different abilities (depending on their specialty), and they themselves will know they are doctors. If they are a eye specialist, for example, they will have hundreds or thousands of eyes they have operated on or examined, volumes of research consumed, endless hours interacting with patients and peers, all on the subject of the human eye. It takes many thousands of hours of training and probably many more years of on the job experience before that identity completely changes but at some point along the journey, the student perceives themself as a doctor. The point is that it is no different on the spiritual path. If you want to experience your best life, you have to become the master of your lower selves and move up in consciousness so that you operate out of the higher levels. And this won’t happen unless you put in the time and do the training.


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