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What does "Grok" mean?

Los Angeles-based spiritual teacher George Falcon would frequently use the term Grok and for a long time I wasn't sure exactly what he meant. Now that I see its importance in advancing towards self-mastery I thought I would provide a brief definition for those that would like to understand the word better.

Grok is a word coined by Robert A. Heinlein for his 1961 science-fiction novel “Stranger in a Strange Land.” It has since become incorporated in various literary, sociological, mystical, philosophical and computer programming communities. When you grok something, you become it, you are identified with it, and now you can’t tell yourself apart from that which you groked.

If you experience the world primarily through the lens of your intellect, then you (that is who you really are) have groked your third level of consciousness (and by definition, the levels below as well). That means that you identify with yourself as being your body, emotions, and thoughts/memories, with the third level, Virgil as the dominant one. So that is your reality and you likely won’t have access to the higher levels and the power and experiences that are associated with those higher levels (such as perfect health and a lack of suffering).

Thus the trick is to be totally aware of something, grok it and totally know it, and never confuse yourself to be what you have groked.

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