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The Four Rules of Martial Arts

“The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them” ― Miyamoto Musashi, A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy​

Los Angeles-based spiritual master George Falcon used to talk about what he called "the four principles in martial arts". They make a wonderful guide to living life:

  1. The first principal is: "don’t be there." How do you know to avoid a situation or a place and “not be there”? Intuition or being able to hear the “soft, still voice” that is spoken of in 1 Kings 19:12. Easier said than done! Even Kung Fu's Master Po, on "the thirteenth day of the fifth month in the Year of the Dog," couldn't avoid the fight that led to his own death (or perhaps he knew it and simply accepted it as already written?).

  2. The second principle is: "should you find yourself there – heal it." You can only heal the situation if you can generate the right energy, come from the right frequency. If you don't seem to have this ability most of the time naturally, the simple explanation for how to do this is to put in the time to train yourself to operate at higher levels of consciousness.

  3. If you can’t do that, you can go straight to the third principle: "RUN!"

  4. And finally, if you can’t run, you go to the fourth principle: "Fight." (Unfortunately in the West we are impatient so most of martial arts training in this part of the world is spent on the fourth principle and the first three is largely ignored.)

In the clip from the Kung Fu Series, Master Teh explains to Grasshopper (David Carradine) a variation on this same teaching that George Falcon has adapted, with the focus being on what George would call the Third Principle. Master Kan then continues on to the Fourth Principle, explaining to Grasshopper that if you do have to fight, there are better and worse ways to do that as well.

George Falcon encouraged us to take these four principles and try them out in our life. This isn't something for Shaolin monks or martial arts practitioners. It is a method that every one of us can bring to our day to day lives. The first principle in particular had a big impact on my life. Once I started employing it, I began to realize how often I was putting myself in situations that provided the conditions to upset me. It was much easier to just avoid the situation in the first place than to figure out how to heal it.

Healing a situation will often require more of an intuitive approach. Imagine dealing with life with intuition as your main faculty – not thinking or feeling. That is certainly very different from what I am used to. George taught that thinking is dominated by the parietal lobes in the neo-cortex and explained that until you move dominance in the brain from the parietal to the frontal lobes, your ability to access intuitive or inspirational information won’t be present and you will be trapped in a dysfunctional pattern of living.

How do we do that? It comes back to training your brain. If you want to shift to frontal lobe dominance, try some of these techniques.Schedule

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