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In this episode Zebediah Rice introduces Serena, a system for how to feel great, all of the time. This system proposes that a life of happiness and health is within the grasp of all of us and is based on the universal insight of all the great wisdom teachers from throughout the ages that life, just as it is, is perfect. Sounds crazy, right? Well, watch this episode to hear more about this topic as well as what distinguishes this method from others and for a bit of background on your host and fellow student, Zebediah Rice.

If you have had doubts about the value of spirituality or think meditation isn’t worth it, you are not alone. In this animation, Zebediah Rice goes through his Top 10 doubts about spirituality generally, with meditation being the fad of the moment. Is the point of meditation to lose ourselves and do we have to give up our life to it? Are we running away from reality and life by pursuing a spiritual path? Will we become a doormat that other people walk all over if we adopt these practices? Do we have to reject science or become a monk? Is Nirvana a real place? These and other questions and doubts like it are addressed in this Top 10 list. Listen to the Serena Podcast or Guided Meditations.


A System For Using Meditation & Mindfulness To Feel Great

Watch animated episodes on the theory behind Serena.

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