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                                                             October 30, 2017   |   23 mins

We think we are our bodies and our brains. But this isn’t true. And by making this mistake, we are setting ourselves up for a life of suffering. It is like in a corporation or a government. Everyone in the company or bureaucracy needs to know their role on the team and do their job and not all try to be the boss or do someone else’s job. The situation we find ourselves in most of the time is what we would find if we put children in the White House and let them run the United States government. And these children either don’t believe there is a higher authority or believe that, even if there is, this higher authority won’t look after them so they better just make the best of it. But there is a higher authority. There is another way. It begins with regime change. Time to throw out the rulers of our life and put the our higher self in charge. In this episode, we cover three techniques each of us can use to effect this autogolpe or regime change within our selves.
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