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Happy sounds Podcast

Nature Soundscapes from Around the World

About the Show

Happy Sounds are designed for when you are looking for a simple natural background noise to your meditation,reading, relaxing or falling asleep time. Thanks to the infinite variety of sounds around the world, you can always find the right soundscape for your mood or situation. They are particularly well suited for environments that are a bit noisy and you need some override to the sounds around you so you can get on with your meditation, your reading, your work or maybe some well-deserved rest. If you are in a busy airport terminal or noisy bus, or perhaps just have neighbors that are being inconsiderate with their noise late at night, you might find these soundscapes of some solace.

(The tracks are also available on on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you download your podcasts from.)

Happy Sounds 2020.jpeg
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