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nanzen-ji buddhist temple kyoto japan main hall

Nanzen-Ji is a Zen Buddhist temple founded in 1208 by Emperor Kameyama. The Hōjō gardens are a designated  "Place of Scenic Beauty." And for good reason--it is a place of perfection.


The temple complex is large and much of it is open to the public. Many tours and tourists visit this area but, remarkably, the garden itself is relatively quiet. It also has the advantage of having several spots where a would-be meditator can tuck him or herself away for a few minutes of repose. The "pano" shot below illustrates two such places (the tree stump and the wall beside the shrine which is at a sort of dead end, both on the right side of the photo).

nanzen-ji buddhist temple kyoto japan garden best meditation spots

The garden is surprisingly empty so finding some solitude shouldn't be too difficult, especially right at opening time or lunch time on a weekday.

Opening hours:

Adults: ¥300


nanzen-ji buddhist temple kyoto japan porch

Meditate At The Nanzen-Ji Temple, Kyoto

Secret Spot To Meditate On Your Own In Breathtaking Japanese Garden

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