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Releasing Tension in the Shoulders

Guided Meditation to Release Myofascial Pain in the Back & Shoulders

Ready to release the tension in your back and shoulders? Having pain and tightness again? You have the power to fix it by taking advantage of the way the brain works, by hacking its mode of operation. 


The world we perceive isn’t what we think it is. Take the vision processing center of our brain. 90 per cent of all connections coming in to this part of our cortex don’t come from our eyes. They come from other parts of our brain, carrying predictions about what is in the world we “see” out there. Neuroscientists have concluded that this means that we construct our reality in our minds. A small trickle of fresh data from the outside world is used only at the margin to update the model in our mind of what we are “seeing.” This invented reality allows for much faster response to dangers so was evolutionarily advantageous. We are optimized for survival, not for complete and accurate perception of what is “out there.” 


This world-simulation feature also applies to our model of our bodies and its movement. Unfortunately it means that we often are ready for a "fight or flight" situation far more often than is necessary. But it also means that we can heal our body through simple movements or even without even moving. We can take advantage of this aspect of human consciousness to conjure the world and the self image that is going to be most healthy for us. All we have to do is set our intention in this direction, simulating it in our heads and the physical reality will follow! If you are a beginner, the results may not be instant but this miracle is available to each and every one of us. All it takes is a little practice and when done right you’ll quickly begin to see results. So let’s get started!

If are having a serious traumatic episode and are suffering from whiplash or very real back pain, please seek the help of a professional.

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