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tokonoma with a hanging scroll and ikebana flower arrangement

In mindfulness meditation the idea is to be a witness to each sensation, to pay bare attention to it, just as it is. You do this practice because it is now well-established that “being in the now” is a recipe for health and happiness. But trying to “be in the now” generally ends up meaning you spend a lot of time NOT being in the now. That’s because as you settle in to the mindfulness practice, what’s called your “Default Mode Network” of brain activity kicks in; in other words, your mind will wander. That’s what your brain does when it is idle. That’s why it is called the “Default” mode, it is what your brain defaults to doing when your aren’t involved in doing anything else. In this meditation you will be introduced to these ideas and have a chance to practice mindfulness and take the next step in your journey to happier, healthier you.

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