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When you are meditating, you are practicing moving your awareness. You are moving your awareness to stillness. Think of meditation as a moment of repose before the body has to go do something. Since our reality keeps changing, it can’t be trusted, it can’t be relied upon as the standard of truth. In meditation you are in a place which doesn’t change.  These exercises are about training your self to remember who you really are, teaching your self to stop doing. 

Click to learn more about one of the traditional Guided Meditation types below:

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Breathing exercises are age old methods for holding a meditation practice. There are great number of variations and you can find a few common ones here

There are many techniques to put ourselves in a state of feeling relaxed, happy and loved. A common meditation technique that has been passed down through the millennia that does this is Loving Kindness or Metta Bhavana meditation. 

Chakras are believed to regulate and harmonize the physical, emotional, neurological and spiritual systems in the body. Use these guided meditations to activate, balance, connect, cleanse and expand your chakras.

Are you or someone you care about suffering? Are you confronted with physical pain or emotional anguish yourself or by a loved one? Have you done or said something you deeply regret? Or has someone done or said something to you that most people would describe as unforgivable? Then this technique is for you. 

Chanting has a long history across many cultures and spiritual traditions. Here you will find just a few.

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