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Meditate At The Konchi-In Temple, Kyoto

Secret Meditation Spot For The Tourist Meditator In Spectacular Japanese Temple Garden

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konchi-in buddhist temple kyoto japan rock garden

Konchi-In was founded in 1400 by the Shogun Yoshimochi Ashikaga. It is a surprisingly quiet temple given its beauty. It is widely believed that the famous garden designer and tea master Kobori Enshu (小堀遠州) built the garden.

The best spot to meditate is probably at the edge of the main Hojo Garden on the wooden porch (located at the top right corner of the large white gravel garden shown on the map below). 

konchi-in buddhist temple kyoto japan visitor map

The garden is surprisingly empty so finding some solitude shouldn't be too difficult, especially at lunch time on a weekday.

English address:
86-12 Fukuchi-cho, Nanzen-ji, Sakyo-ku


Japanese Address:

Nearest Transport:
5min walk from Keage Station,

Tozai subway line



Opening hours:
8.30am-4.30pm December-February

Adults: ¥400
High school students: ¥300
Junior high and elementary school students: ¥200

konchi-in buddhist temple kyoto japan moss garden
konchi-in buddhist temple kyoto japan rock garden and main hall
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