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Ever wonder why a hug feels so good? Or a massage? Or hot baths? It is because these are the sorts of “words” our bodies understand. We can’t command a muscle to relax with a thought or a sentence. We have to speak the body’s language. We do this by combining love and attention with movement and touch. Music works too. This is the language our bodies understand.


The Happy Body Podcast takes a different approach to tackling these challenges by combining the wisdom of the ancient masters with modern science. It starts from the premise that sickness and physical pain are often manifestations of an inner imbalance. By connecting the lessons from modern neuroscience with the wisdom teachers of old, the Serena system can help you on a path back to health. You will find techniques that draw on Feldenkrais, Alexander technique, contemporary physical therapy, nutrition science, and of course the latest medical research from the best doctors and medical institutions around the world. 

(The tracks are also available on on iTunes , Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you download your podcasts from.)

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Happy Body


If your body is in pain or you are sick, this podcast is for you.

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