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The mind can be harnessed to deliver an experience of life that is the best possible for each person all of the time. 


The trick is to train yourself to recapture what pure being, devoid of any doing (wu wei), is like. Pure being was where we began and then we started doing. And we did more, and the doing became more complicated, and pretty soon we forgot what pure being was like. How are we going to remember? By stopping doing. Sometimes this is call meditation.

So meditation is really about training your mind to remember who you are, teaching your self to stop doing.


Go to this page for a curated list of studios and spaces where you can test this out and meditate in various places around the world.

For specific guided meditation exercises, click on one of the episodes, below, or the picture to the right to go to the guided meditation section of the website:

(The tracks are also available on on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you download your podcasts from.)

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