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Gratitude Meditations

Guided Meditations to Change the Brain

We spend most of our lives either doing something or wanting something. We all know the feeling of wanting more money or more leisure time or more love or peace or safety or comfort or whatever it is. Some of us get sucked in to that and struggle to pull out. Most of us believe that the best thing to do isn’t to sit around and wallow in it but to get out there and create our destiny.


The self-help gurus tell us that we have the power to do something about our situation. That is true. And doing is better than wanting. But there is are better options. Options that vanquish the feelings of lack and the dysfunctional behavior and negative emotions that inevitably arise from being in lack and doing. And these other options will change our life.


One of these options is called Having and alongside this state of being is an inevitable sense of Gratitude. So take a moment and pause to notice this and appreciate just how lucky you are. Feeling gratitude is like a drug that makes you feel awesome. But just saying “I’m grateful” doesn’t do it. Your mind and your emotional state can be like a little puppy. They have to be coaxed into this feeling of gratitude. Try one of the guided meditations below to help coax your little puppy into this state.

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