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Fire & the Well

Guided Meditations to Rewire the Brain

This training exercise starts from the premise that your life experience can change and that the change begins inside your own mind. If you can change what is happening on the inside, almost as by a miracle, you will witness the outside start to change around you. The idea is that if you are feeling any negative emotions, there is a bug in your software, a set of connections in your mind that are wired incorrectly. So can listen to these guided training meditations to be taken through a series of exercises that are designed to help your subconscious mind disconnect some incorrect associations.

The second track is a shorter version of the Fire & the Well guided training meditation. Once you have listened to the full length version once or twice, you can use this one for everyday practice. It is best to do these Training Meditations while the experience you are rewiring is recent and the feelings and memory is very fresh so find a quiet, private place as soon afterwards as you can or grab your headphones and a pair of sunglasses and maybe a hat and find a comfortable place to sit so you can run through the training.

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