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Are your fingers or hands sore? Are they aching or stiff? You can use this moving meditation to help release their tightness and restore them to a smooth and relaxed resting state.


Chances are that they are bothering you because they have been overused. Computers and smartphones have added hours more of delicate hand use for all of us. And when you combine that with other activities it can all just be too much. But the hands represent the expression of your power and your ideas and thoughts so there could be more information embedded in this pain. Whether you are gesturing while speaking, using your hands to write or draw, employing them to move an object or touch someone close to you, your hands are always a physical extension of your mind, a manifestation of your mental activity, conscious or not. They lie at the intersection of the shadowy world of thoughts and feelings and the hard-edged, tangible world of form and matter. Indeed the root of the word manifest is Manus or hand. The hands manifest ideas into tangible world around us.


When our hands or fingers are sore, our ability to communicate itself can become limited or impaired. So let’s take the time to help our hands and fingers, to give them the love and attention they deserve.

shoulder myofascial pain muscel tension and stress release meditation

Releasing Tension in the Hands & Fingers

Guided Meditation to Release Myofascial Pain and Stiffness in the Hands & Fingers

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