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Feel Connected: A Drive-Time Meditation

A Guided Meditation to Help You Feel Less Isolated While Driving

Alone or Connected?

Driving today is yet another illustration of how modern society isolates each of us from one other and from our communities. The facts support this in places like Los Angeles where 70% of commuters choose to drive alone in their vehicle to get to and from work. And when we are in our cars we are surrounded by a bubble of reinforced steel and hardened glass and plastic, separated from our fellow travelers not just by space but by this thick and protective physical barrier. Yet this very barrier can become our link to the rest of the world.


We are going to practice using our cars to connect our bodies with the people and energy fields that are all around us all of the time. The universe is built out of energy, out of light. An adult male might have 70kg of mass making up their body. We know from Einstein that E=Mc2. That means that a single human body contains 100,000 times as much energy as was released The the Hiroshima bomb. We can use the energy being generated by our bodies, our driving motion and the motive force in a vehicle’s engine to amplify these sensibilities, to consciously connect us more closely to the unified whole. And at the very least it takes our mind off driving! 


If you enjoy these practical guided meditations, you may like to listen to the Serena Podcast ( which provides the theory behind these practices and where we are headed by doing them. Obviously, if you are driving the most important thing is your safety so please give your primary attention to the road and the cars around you.

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