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Is your commute getting you down? Or does driving generally make you feel stressed or tired out? Try one of these drive-time meditations to convert the pain of driving into a practice of advancing on the path to a better life!

We can choose to convert our driving time from one of frustration and stress into part of our systematic program for retaking control of our life. We are going to use this time and this experience of driving your car to advance on your path of retraining your brain.

Driving seems like the an obvious place where we are in control of our movement. So it makes a great place to practice getting used to the two of the most important concepts in achieving lasting peace and happiness: the ideas that we are neither a self nor a doer.

When we are in our cars we are surrounded by a bubble of reinforced steel and hardened glass and plastic. Yet we can do some mental jujitsu on this situation. We are going to practice using our cars to connect our bodies with the people and energy fields that are all around us all of the time.

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Drive-time Meditations

Guided Meditations for Your Commute or Everyday Drive-time

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