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Breathing Meditation - 

Counting Breaths to 10

In this one you simply count each out-breath up to ten and then repeat. Don’t count in breaths. Start back at one if you lose track. Just repeat this over and over until your allotted time is finished.


Maintain only the breathing and the counting in your consciousness. If any thoughts or memories or feelings arise, just separate from them, recognizing that they are not real, they are not you; just allow them to dissipate. Don’t resist them or try to force them away. This will only strengthen them. Acknowledge them and remove your energy from them by naming them (say to yourself a word that describes whatever it is you discover your mind doing e.g. “planning” or “remembering” or “fantasizing”) or by using some other technique that works for you such as repeating “that is not me.” In this way you create the space for whatever the mind activity is to evaporate away. The key is let go of any activity that separate from your counting and your awareness of counting.

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