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The Happy Life and Happy Mind recordings are a free and easy system of brain training that empowers you to create a happy and healthy life for yourself. Doesn't matter if you are an atheist or someone who is very religious (or maybe you’re somewhere in between), the system will work regardless because it isn’t about supernatural beings or religion. It’s about the science of the mind.

This introductory series of guided meditations will walk you through the how, what, and why of meditation. Consider it a hands-on "Meditation 101."

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Choose from one of the introductory guided audio meditation sessions below to get started:

Never tried meditation before? Or you have but your mind won't settle down so you don't see the point? Or maybe you meditate regularly but don't seem to get much out of it. Listen to this short introductory guided meditation session to learn by doing it.

There are many techniques to put ourselves in a state of feeling relaxed, happy and loved. A common meditation technique that has been passed down through the millennia that does this is Loving Kindness or Metta Bhavana meditation. 

In mindfulness meditation the idea is to be a witness to each sensation, to pay bare attention to it, just as it is. You do this practice because it is now well-established that “being in the now” is a recipe for health and happiness. But trying to “be in the now” generally ends up meaning you spend a lot of time NOT being in the now. Try this guided meditation to learn how to break through.

Ever wonder what to do with your body when you meditate? How to hold it? What position is best? What to do if you experience an itch or pain or discomfort of any kind? In this guided introduction to meditation, you’ll learn the answers to these questions. 

The physical world you perceive with your senses and through your imagination is constantly changing. Yet you are unchanging, complete, connected and free. Meditation is a method of practicing the separation of your conscious awareness from all the things that change and returning to this place of limitlessness and peace and abundance and joy.

Feeling gratitude is like a drug. Except it is free and the only side effect is that you feel awesome. So the best advice is to get drunk on it as much as possible. 

Our true nature is by definition peaceful and loving and joyful. So whenever we experience anything other than wonderful feelings like this, our task is to seek out all the barriers within ourselves that prevent our true nature from emerging in our experience. But how?

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