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SF MOMA Facade

SFMOMA was opened in 1935 and recently underwent a significant remodel that tripled the space's size. Housing a world class collection, the museum offers many rooms to enjoy the peace and beauty of the art and architecture. The Richard Serra section and terraced steps are free whereas the rest of the museum requires a fee to enter. 

Once in the main museum, the terrace offers an excellent spot to meditate.

 151 Third Street, San Francisco, CA

SFMOMA Richard Serra ampitheater
SFMOMA sculpture terrace
SFMOMA Richard Serra
Back entrance SFMOMA
Sculpture Garden, SFMOMA LOVE
Sculpture Garden, SFMOMA
Sculpture Garden, SFMOMA
Agnes Martin room SFMOMA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

South of Market San Francisco Museum offers austere urban meditation spots

Observing art sfmoma
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