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Muscle-Relaxation Meditations

Guided Meditations to Release Myofascial Pain

myofascial pain muscel tension and stress release meditation

Are your forearms and wrists tight or aching? You can release that pain with this simple technique. 

Feeling pain in your hands or fingers. Use this technique to say goodbye to the pain.

Having tension or pain in the jaw our mouth? We can learn the language of our bodies and in such a way take a giant step forward on our path to rewiring our brains. And our sore muscles feel better in the process!

You may have to bring out every tool over several days to deal with a real flare up in your neck  But unless we get to the root of the problem, unless we are able to really listen to the message the universe and our bodies have for us, we can count on the pain coming back, maybe even louder next time. So let’s take the time now to see if we can figure out what we need to do to help. 

Ready to release the tension in your back and shoulders? Having pain and tightness again? You have the power to fix it by taking advantage of the way the brain works, by hacking its mode of operation. 

Our Mid- and Upper backs hold the weight of the world, our world at least. And this weight can bring chronic or periodic pain. Fortunately we can use our bodies and minds to release this pain, to heal ourselves. We just need to know the code. 

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Ever wonder why a hug feels so good? Or a massage? Or hot baths? It is because these are the sorts of “words” our bodies understand. We can’t command a muscle to relax with a thought or a sentence. We have to speak the body’s language. We do this by combining love and attention with movement and touch. Music works too. This is the language our bodies understand.