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Guided Meditations to Open & Charge Your Energy Centers

Chakra is a Sanskirt word meaning wheel. They represent the centers of energy or power in the body and are believed to regulate and harmonize the physical, emotional, neurological and spiritual systems in the body. Many practitioners of Eastern medicine believe that when they are blocked all sorts of negative side effects will manifest in our bodies and lives. So keeping them energized, open, healthy, balanced and connected is a wise practice. We can use these meditations to activate, balance, connect, cleanse and expand our chakras.

chakras, root, heart navel, throat, third eye, crown chakra
First Chakra Meditation - The Root of it All (20 min)
Zebediah Rice

First Chakra Meditation - The Root of it All (20 min)

Your root Chakra is located is your lowest and first energy center. It is located at the base of your spine and it represents the gateway between your physical body and the earth. Often when you are panicky or worried, sad or lonely, or suffer from any number of other negative feelings it is because you have lost your connection to the earth and to others that you share this earth with. But your breath and the breath of the earth are the same breath. This meditation will help you restore that connection through the activation of your first Chakra. Try to imagine the impossible magnitude of the earth breathing: We have over 3 trillion trees on our planet. All day long their leaves breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. How many leaves are there? The studies leaf count differ but the range seems to be on the order of 200K-500K leaves per tree. Within each leaf there are millions of little breathing tubes called stomata--that’s where the carbon dioxide comes in and the oxygen goes out. Each one of those trillions upon trillions of stomata are like tiny mouths that are breathing in and out all the time. Though you may not sense it now, your mouth and all those tiny mouths are the same mouth. Through this exercise you can activate and energize your connection to every one of these stomata as well as everything else in the physical universe. This is the power of your first Chakra. Learn to embrace it and open yourself to its potential. This is a 20 minute version of The Root of it All guided meditation.
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