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Meditate In Bronte

Hidden Meditation Spot Along The Bondi To Bronte Coastal Walk, Sydney, Australia

The Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk is one of the most beautiful walks in the world. Which means that it is almost always filled with throngs of tourists and locals alike. However, there are several spots along the way that are hidden just enough to allow for peaceful contemplation or meditation for the determined urban meditator. Bronte Rock Pool is one such place.


The Coastal Walk zigs up to a short stretch away from the coast and a spur takes you around a cliff that juts out into the sea and encloses a wonderful rock pool (pictured above).


This spur dead ends just beyond the rock pool and there is a cascade of weathered sandstone (pictured to the right) that leaves several flat and protected spots where one can find a comfortable seat with a world class view. You will have to contend with a few people but not many given the picturesque location and if you are feeling brave, you can scramble far enough away from the trail to earn complete seclusion (but BEWARE, it is very steep and a long way down to the rocky coast below). 


The best time to go is on a weekday or even better on a weekday when it is raining as there are almost no people and there are several large overhangs that allow you to enjoy your place out of the downpour.


If you are lucky and the time of year is right, you will see passing whales or schools of dolphins just off your perch. Or time your visit to coincide with the frequently stunning sunrise or sunsets or rainbow shows.