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                                                       January 29, 2018   |   30 mins


Zebediah Rice investigates what could be called the awkward adolescence of consciousness. At some stage in life, many of us reach a point where we are ready to do things differently. We may have tried other options for self-improvement but nothing is really creating any fundamental changes in our life or leading to sustained happiness or health or peace. With the Serena approach, the idea is to take the advice of the ancient teachers seriously and attempt to incorporate their teachings into our life. The challenge with the Serena style approach is that when you actually go back and read what these guys have to say, turning their insights on living the best life into practice can be challenging, to say the least.


In this episode Zebediah looks at what three of his favorite masters (Lao Tzu, Jesus, and Buddha) have to say about techniques we can use to achieve Nirvana here in this body, in this life. He then puts this into a context of what our self really looks like and with this context, then brings these obscure teachings into a practical and specific set of things each of us can look out for and do in our day to day lives to live better, more fulfilling, happy and healthy lives.

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